Resorts in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan have become derelict and some have closed down. The resorts have attracted a huge number of visitors but due to neglect some of the cottages and infrastructure have become derelict.

The local council has decided to take things into their own hands and sort out the issue.

“Some of them are closed already, essentially because they have become so derelict… and that the contracts signed with the previous leases have just gone by the way-side. The beach view where we have just come from they owed the municipality an excess of ten million rand in rates. Now I don’t understand how the previous administration could have allowed a contract to get that out of control, and the result is that those buildings have just become vandalised now,” said Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor, Athol Trollip.

However, this is not the fate of all resorts some are still thriving. The Willow resort and Van Stadens have clean, cosy chalets the plan is to get all the resorts in the area up to standard.

“We’ve given notice that all those contracts will be terminated. They will be re-looked. We will advertise new contracts. We’ll have to find people who want to take over those resorts, management of those resorts or we will have to manage them and appoint managers who will manage them on a day to day basis,” added Trollip.

These resorts are however being challenged for its use of municipal water for their fresh water swimming pools.