Zwane to answer for his role in alleged state capture

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Despite being fired as Minister of Mineral Resources, Mosebenzi Zwane will still have to answer for his role in alleged state capture. That’s according to the Portfolio Committee on Mineral Resources.

It came up with a draft terms of reference for its inquiry into Zwane’s tenure as minister.

Zwane’s alleged corrupt relationship with the Gupta family is coming back to haunt him.

The committee claims that he had used his position as Mineral Resources minister to unfairly advantage Gupta-linked businesses.

Parliament has set terms of reference into alleged governance failures and maladministration in his former office.

Zwane and the department’s role in facilitating the sale of Optimum Coal Mine to Gupta-owned Tegeta Exploration and Resources, are under investigation.

Alleged non-compliance with the Public Finance Management Act resulted in fruitless and wasteful expenditure.

Zwane will face the breach of Constitution and Executive Members Ethics Act as well as an alleged breach of section 96 (2) of the Constitution and section 2 of the Executive Members Ethics Act as regards to a conflict of interest.

The claims, however, will only be finalised once an evidence leader is appointed by Parliament.

ANC MP Mandla Mandela says, “It needs to be concluded for the interest of the public and South Africa at large and I think the sooner we conclude this matter, the sooner we can get on with other business and matters of the committee.”

DA MP James Lorimer says, “It’s not just about an individual; it’s about the failure of the entire system and whether or not that happened and I think we need to look at the whole thing. Otherwise people will look at us and say, ‘you haven’t dealt with what you’re supposed to deal with.'”

The committee is now expected to write to Parliament to appointment an evidence leader.

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