Zuma’s wife MaNtuli was taken into custody against her will: Jafta

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Former President Jacob Zuma’s wife MaNtuli was taken into custody against her will by the State Security Agency (SSA), Acting Director-General Loyiso Jafta told the State Capture Commission on Tuesday.

Jafta says that the SSA launched an investigation into allegations that MaNtuli was behind a plot to poison her husband and thereafter took her into custody in 2015.

He says there is no evidence that Zuma gave the instruction.

Jafta says, “It does happen and it must have happened that functionaries at various levels would anticipate what would be agreeable to the person of the President, what would please the President and take such initiatives regardless of what the law says. So, I don’t want to create an impression that Former President Jacob Zuma was always aware and consented to many of the things that were done presumably for his benefit either in his private capacity or in his public capacity.”

In the video below, Jafta reveals challenges at the SSA:

Unidentified witness

More startling revelations are expected when an unidentified witness gives evidence related to the SSA to the Commission of Inquiry on Wednesday morning.

On Tuesday,  Jafta confirmed the testimony of former Chairperson of the High-Level Panel of Review into the agency Sydney Mufamadi regarding the use of the agency to fight political battles.

Jafta says that projects included supporting factions in the African National Congress (ANC) as well as seeking to influence civil society organisations, the judiciary and the media for the benefit of party and its leadership.

“Particularly when we go towards an election, there would be projects intended and funded to enhance the political fortunes of the ANC and these projects were prosecuted there is AMCU (the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union) that at the time appeared to be much stronger than NUM (the National Union of Mineworkers) and then the State Security Agency  is employed to weaken AMCU.”

Mufamadi’s testimony at the State Capture Commission: