Zuma’s medical parole ruling declared unlawful, ordered to return to jail

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The High Court in Pretoria has ordered former President Jacob Zuma to go back to prison after setting aside his medical parole.

It has ruled that former National Commissioner of Correctional Services Arthur Fraser’s decision to place Zuma on medical parole was unlawful.

This follows Zuma’s 15-month prison sentence for contempt of court after he refused to continue to appear before the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture.

Zuma was imprisoned at the Escourt Correctional Services Facility for fifteen months.

Fraser had released the former President on medical parole against the advice of the Medical Parole Board.

The court states that it is declared that the time Zuma was out of jail on medical parole should not be counted for the fulfillment of [Zuma’s] sentence of 15 months imposed by the Constitutional Court.

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