The court case against Former president Jacob Zuma has been postponed to July 27. Zuma made a brief appearance at the Durban High Court on Friday morning.

He is appearing on charges linked to the late 1990’s arms deal.

State prosecutor Billie Downer has told the court that the state is ready to proceed with the trial but that the defence needs time to “get their house in order”.

Downer was addressing Judge Themba Sishi.

“That application to adjourn the trial, addressed his on 6th of April for review, has resulted in there being no application. The State has not received any application for a review.”

“Another reason for the postponement was for Thales to bring a review for representations to the DDP. We’d hoped that application would have been brought within sufficient time for us as the State to answer to them by today. Unfortunately the representations were only received the night before last.”

Judge Sishi also cited these reasons for the rpostponement – as well as a relocation of the trial venue.

“Pietermaritzburg has more accommodation, and is much geared to manage a case of this nature. There is some applications to be launched as Mr Hulley for accused 1 still intends to pursue the review application, and there could also be some other applications still waiting for the outcome of the matter which is in Gauteng…  the application lodged by the DA and EFF. Mr Downer, hopefully by the 27th July I think, maybe some of the outstanding issues will be resolved.”