Zuma’s announcement stems from ‘boredom’: Cosatu

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Cosatu, the labor federation and ANC alliance partner, has downplayed former President Jacob Zuma’s announcement that he will not campaign or vote for the ANC in the upcoming general elections.

Zuma revealed his support for the newly formed MK party, stating that he would maintain his ANC membership.  Cosatu’s national spokesperson, Matthew Parks, dismissed Zuma’s decision as part of the election’s “silly season,” suggesting it is fueled by boredom and lacks coherence.

Parks highlighted the uncertainties surrounding the MK party, including its leadership and potential legal challenges from the ANC.

“For us it’s not really an issue, people will make noise during elections, it’s a bit of a silly season. We’re going to hear of a lot of political parties being created, people don’t know what these parties are about except for some person’s bored ambitions, and it will disappear after elections. So, for us it’s really not something to be too worried about, it’s a silly season. Clearly we have a pensioner who’s quite bored with his life, he’s got a lot of time on his hands but it’s quite an incoherent statement, he says he’s an ANC member, yet he’s going to vote for a party which no one knows about, a party which hasn’t been launched, doesn’t have leadership, and a party whose chances of actually contesting elections is in doubt because the ANC is very likely to take them to court around copyright infringement.”