Zuma to discuss peace, security in DRC

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Delays in holding elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo are expected to feature in talks between President Jacob Zuma and his DRC counterpart, Joseph Kabila, in Kinshasa on Sunday.

Zuma is visiting the Congo in his capacity as chairperson of SADC.

More generally, the two leaders are set to discuss issues of peace and security in the Great Lakes region, including the on-going conflict in the eastern DRC.

Kabila’s term was to expire last December under the DRC constitution, but polls have been repeatedly delayed.

Although no official poll date has been set for the DRC, President Joseph Kabila has promised to move the country towards elections.

But he has warned that he will not be dictated to by foreign powers.

Kabila was supposed to have had a meeting with President Zuma and United Nations Secretary General António Guterres at last month’s UN General Assembly meeting, but that did not happen.

On Sunday both leaders will discuss the political situation in the large mineral-rich African country and its readiness for elections to be held possibly in 2018.

But already there are fears that serious logistical challenges could push back elections even to 2019.