President Jacob Zuma has jetted off to Angola to attend the all important Southern African Development Community (SADC) Troika Summit on Zimbabwe.

President Zuma in his capacity as the SADC chairperson will meet with his counterparts from Angola, Zambian and Tanzanian.

The Troika meeting will discuss the unfolding political crisis in Zimbabwe and its impact on the entire SADC region. President Zuma who sent envoys to Zimbabwe on a fact finding mission last week, is expected to brief the meeting on the latest developments.

These countries will have a difficult task to provide leadership on the region struggling to understand recent events in Zimbabwe. They are members of the organ on defence, peace and security plus South Africa which currently chairs SADC.

They will meet to discuss what has been described as an unprecedented political events in Zimbabwe.

President Zuma, who dispatched envoys a few days ago, is part of the team.

Dr. Bongani Ngqulunga, presidential spokesperson says, “But how will the regional leadership navigate what others describe as an internal party issue. Some Zimbabweans have called on SADC and other organisations to stay out of Zimbabwe, saying they are equal to resolving their own issues.”

Zimbabwe has been on a knife’s edge since the military seized power in what many has described as a silent coup.

President Robert Mugabe has since defied his own Zanu-PF party and thousands of protesters demanding his resignation, by pledging in a television address to preside over the party’s next congress in December.

It appears the impasse is far from over it’s now left up to regional leaders to help find a solution.

A solution that will satisfy not only the region, but all Zimbabweans as they ponder the future beyond President Mugabe.