Zuma, Thales will likely seek leave to appeal at SCA: Analyst

Former South African President Jacob Zuma speaks on the phone during the court appearance.
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Former president Jacob Zuma and his legal team declined to comment after his application for a permanent stay of prosecution in his corruption case was dismissed.

Judge Jerome Mnguni and his counterparts handed down a unanimous ruling against Zuma and co-accused French arms company Thales in the Pietermaritzburg High Court dismissing the application.

Legal analyst Advocate Byron Jackson says he believes Zuma will appeal the decision.

“I’m of the view that the accused will ask for leave to appeal. The reality is if he does not ask for leave to appeal with the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA), the trial proceeds. Which is effectively what he was seeking not to happen in this application. In light of that, I am of the firm view that they will seek leave to appeal.”

The charges against Zuma and Thales date back to 2005. Both the co-accused blamed the State for unfair delays in the prosecution process, while Zuma also argued that the decision to charge him was politically motivated.

During the last court appearance, Zuma’s legal team also submitted new evidence in the application at the last minute, which was thrown out.

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