Former president Jacob Zuma says those who think he will leave the African National Congress (ANC) either to start or join another party; do not understand the sacrifices he made for the ANC.

Addressing a home welcoming prayer service held for him, Zuma said he had even left his own family including his mother.

He dismissed reports that the Azibuye EMasisweni organisation was lobbying him to join them as they were aggrieved by his recall.

Meanwhile, the organisation’s Reggie Ngcobo maintains that they’ve been holding consultations with Zuma…

“We spoke with him, regarding the need for a clarion call because we believe that there are strongly burning issues that  he was addressing or he was in the process of addressing now. They are being neglected  and we had to go to him  as a veteran of the revolution. We were strongly unhappy about his removal  because they used all the instruments of politics and also legally to get rid of him  and whatever he was trying to implement, some of those things are being discontinued.