Struggle veteran, Ronnie Kasrils, says the African National Congress (ANC) knew for a long time that President Jacob Zuma was one of the rotten apples in the movement.

Kasrils has revealed this at the launch of his new book, A Simple Man – Kasrils and the Zuma Enigma.

The two often worked side by side in exile during the liberation struggle.

Kasrils says he deeply regrets that the ANC failed to heed Madiba’s warning to root out corruption in the party ranks.

He says the party also has to take collective responsibility for creating, what he calls, the Zuma “monster”, through the economic compromises made at the dawn of democracy.

“Almost immediately there are vultures looking at all of us coming back from exile. He’s not the only mark or the only target, but he’s a big, big catch in relation to people who clearly are going to be the new power of the country. And we see this with Zuma…”