Zuma continues to galvanise support in KZN: Analyst

Zuma and President Ramaphosa
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Political analyst Dirk Kotze says the dynamics between former President Jacob Zuma and the ruling party in the run up to this weekend’s ANC manifesto rally shows that Zuma continues to galvanise support in KwaZulu-Natal.

Zuma has appeared alongside President Cyril Ramaphosa at various rallies in the province this week despite not being asked to address the crowds.

Kotze says Zuma’s powerbase in his hometown is his leverage within the ANC.

He says: “Zuma tries to galvanise a lot of opposition particularly in KZN to find some leverage power within the ANC. For him this is to say I have the key to KZN in this coming election. It gives him power to say, I need some concessions from your side.”

“It depends ultimately on me as Zuma to give you the contribution made by KZN. I think that’s what’s happening behind the scenes,” says Kotze.

Zuma’s role is largely limited to KwaZulu-Natal, he says.

“He’s making comments about nationalisation but he doesn’t have the direct impact on the national debate. There is some form of contestation between him and President Ramaphosa about whose the defacto leader of the ANC, but I think in the case of President Ramaphosa he has certainly the upper hand at this stage, at the national level.”