Zuma casts ballot in Nkandla

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Former President Jacob Zuma has cast his ballot in his hometown at Ntolwane Primary School Voting station in Nkandla, in northern KwaZulu Natal.

The queue at the school was very short and Zuma did not spend more than 10 minutes in the queue.

Zuma says he’s disappointed with this year’s election campaigns, as various political parties did not put emphasis on their party policies.

“Not just because people are shouting better slogans that which party’s says it will deliver a better South Africa. Better than others that’s one thing in my observation during this election, what I thought it was lacking was that parties were not sticking to their policies to tell their voters . This is what we’ll do for you. In a serious sense except in sloganeering so I’m hoping that our education to democracy is indeed getting better,” says Zuma.

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