Former President Jacob Zuma will return to the High Court in Pietermaritzburg on Friday to argue his application for leave to appeal a permanent stay of prosecution judgment against him.

Zuma believes the full bench of judges erred in their findings last month, and wants the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) in Bloemfontein to hear the matter.

His co-accused French arms dealer Thales has petitioned the Constitutional Court directly, but is also conditionally applying for leave to appeal the judgment in the SCA in case the apex court turns it down.

The state is opposing the application saying Zuma has no prospects of succeeding in a higher court.

Zuma’s corruption matter has dragged on for 14 years.

In May Zuma filed for a permanent stay of prosecution with the hope of bringing the case to an end but his bid to have the charges against him quashed failed.

Zuma cited unfair delays, pre-trial irregularities and political interference as the basis for his argument. Last month, the full bench ruled against him, finding that the seriousness of Zuma’s offences out-weighed in prejudice he claims he would have suffered if the trial had succeeded.

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