SADC chair and President of South Africa Jacob Zuma says an agreement has been reached regarding the roadmap that will lead to the elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

However, no details were made available including a date the elections will be held.

President Zuma met the DRC’s President Joseph Kabila who updated him about the electoral process.

The 37th SADC summit called on the DRC to come up with a clear programme regarding the country’s elections.

This, following accusations that it had not gone far enough to ensure that elections were held speedily.

President Kabila provided an update on the progress so far.

After his meeting with President Kabila, the SADC chair expressed confidence in the outcome of the talks, but did not reveal the date agreed upon.

In light of the political and security dynamics SADC had approved the appointment of a special Envoy to the DRC.

SADC also called on the international community to withdraw the sanctions against the DRC.

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– By Lehana Tsotetsi