Legal expert, Advocate Paul Hoffman, says he anticipates former President Jacob Zuma’s will react to Tuesday’s testimony by former chief of state protocol, Bruce Koloane at the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture.

This after Koloane, who is now South Africa’s ambassador to the Netherlands, denied that he ever said he was under pressure from Zuma to authorise the controversial Gupta family’s landing of a privately chartered jet at the Waterkloof Air Force Base in 2013.

An investigation later found that high-profile officials were responsible for the landing and Koloane pleaded guilty to the contravention of the military defense code.

He was also accused of name-dropping Zuma to get permission. Hoffman has questioned Koloane’s thereafter promotion as the Ambassador to the Netherlands.

“I am sure that the [former] President, when he comes later this month to the Zondo Commission, will be asked the simple question: if your name was dropped without authorisation and without your knowledge in order to get the Gupta landing organised, why oh why did Zuma promote the person who used your name in vain? I will be very interested to hear what the answer to that question is because I think that the truthful answer to that question would be my name was not dropped, as the person who used my name with my permission was rewarded with a very handsome promotion and a very nice ambassadorial post,” says Hoffman.

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