Zondo reassures Zuma will ‘be treated with fairness’

Jacob Zuma testifying
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Deputy Chief Justice, Raymond Zondo, has reassured former former President Jacob Zuma’s counsel Muzi Sikhakhane that his client will be treated with fairness in the  Commission of Inquiry into State Capture Inquiry.

“The former President and his legal team have a certain view of the letters that we have articulated. We remain committed to making sure that this process is as fair as possible,” Zondo says.

Sikhakhane has complained about the processes followed by the State Capture Inquiry in calling Zuma before it.

Sikhakhane argues that the Commission’s investigators have demonstrated a disturbing attitude in their correspondence with him which suggests that questions regarding various processes, especially, the naming of people without giving them notice, are not genuine, but an effort by Zuma to duck the issues.

Sikhakhane says questions of clarity he posed to the Commission were simply to allow him to rigorously prepare his client.

Zuma who is on the stand today is scheduled to appear before Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo for the rest of the week.