Zizi Kodwa denies rape allegations

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The African National Congress’ (ANC) head of presidency and acting spokesperson, Zizi Kodwa has released a statement denying rape allegations.

A woman has come forward accusing Kodwa of having sexually assaulted her after allegedly drugging her at a private party in April last year.

In the statement, Kodwa refers to these allegations as “extortion and blackmail” against him. He says these accusations are a “dirty tricks campaign”.

In the same statement, Kodwa says he is in the process of seeking legal advice in relation to a possible case of extortion or defamation.

ANC Acting spokesperson, Dakota Legoete says there is not much they can say about the allegations, as this is a case that should be opened with the police.


Read Kodwa’s statement:

Meanwhile, the ANC Women’s League (ANCWL) has called on the ANC Acting Spokesperson, Zizi Kodwa, to step aside following rape allegations levelled against him.

Earlier, the ANC confirmed a receipt of a letter from the woman in which she alleges that Kodwa raped her at a private party last year.

ANC Women’s League General Secretary, Meokgo Matuba, says they will support the victim and want to see her to find out what happened.

She says they don’t want Kodwa to speak on behalf of the ANC until the matter has been finalised.

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