Zimbabwe’s Zanu-PF promises to accept election results

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Zimbabwe’s ruling party Zanu-PF has vowed to respect the outcome of this year’s election, even if it may not sway in their favour.

The country heads to the polls in exactly four days time and the performance of Zanu-PF will be something that will be closely monitored.

Zanu-PF’s Christopher Mtsvanaga says the results of Zimbabwe’s 2018 election will be a reflection of what the people want.

He says: “Whoever wins will be sworn in by the judges of Zimbabwe under the constitution of Zimbabwe. We are completely unmiffed as Zanu-PF because that is what the constitution says.”

Meanwhile the atmosphere as opposition parties continue their campaigns, a recurring theme is how credible the election will be.

There are fears that the military which aided in former President Robert Mugabe’s resignation from office may not salute a leader of the opposition.

The Zimbabwean Electoral Commission is being accused of being the weak link following objections over voter registration, the voters roll and the design and publishing of the ballot paper.

MDC Alliance member Tendai Biti says he is adamant that the opposition cannot fail.

Zimbabweans will head to the polls next Monday.

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