Zimbabwe‘s opposition leader, Nelson Chamisa, is calling on the international community to intervene in human rights violations in the country.

This week, three women who had been picketing in the capital city, Harare, were allegedly abducted by police officers.

The trio – who are also MDC members – were tortured and sexually assaulted before being released on Friday. They are now recovering in hospital.

Recounting the horrific details Cecilia Chimbiri is thankful her life was spared.

She and two other MDC supporters, Joana Mamombe and Netsai Morova, were physically beaten and sexually violated.

They had been protesting against the severe food shortages in the country.

The MDC leader says this incident shows that Zimbabwe’s government hasn’t changed. It continues to victimise, abuse and violate those viewed as enemies of the ruling regime.

“These people were saying why do you want to revolt against the government. They were saying we know that you are being sponsored as MDC to cause problems, we want to fix you. We believe that Mnangagwa is aware of this pattern,” says Chamisa.

Chamisa says the international community must apply pressure on government to ensure that human rights violations are brought to an end.

In the video below, Nelson Chamisa asks for international intervention

“That’s why we need the international community to help us, this is why the United Nations must help us, this is why we need SADC and AU President Rampahosa. Please lead us, help us help ourselves. Ultimately, we need an international hand,” says Chamisa.

Government denies that police abducted the three women. But say from initial reports the trio was violating lockdown regulations by picketing.

Through a press release, the government said it would investigate the disappearance of the woman and establish who was responsible for the act.