Zimbabwe’s new law will not target journalists or opposition leaders: ZANU-PF

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Zimbabwe’s governing party ZANU-PF claims the newly introduced law that criminalises acts by citizens deemed to be unpatriotic, will not be weaponised to target journalists and opposition leaders.

The country’s parliament approved the law, saying those working with foreign governments to injure the dignity of the country by calling for more sanctions, and other views seen to be attacking the government and its leaders will be arrested.

Opposition and some sections of society say the law is a move to clamp down on freedom of speech.

ZANU-PF spokesperson Kennedy Mandza denies this, saying that patriotism has to do with the interest of the country.

“Patriotism has to do, with the interest of the country. If anyone is going against the interest, the protection, and the promotion of the country, is unpatriotic. And there are rules and processes that are meant to help and raise, and can be addressed.”