Zimbabwe’s court dismisses application declaring Mugabe unfit

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Zimbabwe‘s constitutional court has dismissed an application to declare President Robert Mugabe unfit to hold office on a technicality.

Judge Luke Malaba dismissed the case due to wrongful procedure in filling papers.

The ruling effectively paves a way for the 92-year-old President Mugabe who has been at the helm since 1980 to continue to lead.

The application was brought by activist Promise Mkhwanazi who is a leader of a civil society movement calling itself #Tajamuka.

Mkhwanazi claimed that President Mugabe wilfully violated the Zimbabwean constitution in many respects, including gross human rights abuses.

Mkhwanazi says they will approach the court again in 30 days after they have rectified the matter.

Mkwananzi says Mugabe also claimed partisan control of the police and army, which is against the constitution.

Mugabe has been endorsed as Zanu-PF‘s candidate for presidential elections due in 2018.