Zimbabweans saddened after Foreign Affairs Minister succumbs to COVID-19

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ZANU-PF Spokesperson Kennedy Mandaza says Zimbabweans are sad after the passing of Foreign Affairs Minister Sibusiso Moyo.

Moyo died after contracting COVID-19. The senior government official had tested positive for the viral infection three days ago. He died in hospital on Wednesday morning.

Moyo is well known for being the key communicator in the coup that removed former President Robert Mugabe from power in 2017.

President Emmerson Mnagagwa has described him as a devoted public servant and hero.

Mandaza says, “As Zimbabweans we are sad, we are hard done, like anyone else, the passing on an individual, be it a minister or anyone  – brings sombre memories and that is what you find in the majority of Zimbabweans.”

Below is Mandaza’s full interview:

Zimbabwe has a total number 28 675 coronavirus cases, 825 fatalities and 18 110 recoveries.


Earlier this month, two Malawian Ministers succumbed to COVID-19. Local Government Minister Lingson Belekenyama and the Minister for Transport Muhammad Sidik Mia died in the capital Lilongwe.

In December, Eswatini Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini died after testing positive for COVID-19.