Zimbabweans in SA make their way home for elections

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Thousands of Zimbabweans in neighbouring countries are making their way home to cast their ballots in Monday’s election. In Johannesburg, bus and taxi terminals were packed with travellers. These Zimbabweans say they are hopeful of what the future holds.

They say the buzz word ahead of the much anticipated poll is “change”.

“This vote is very important to me, the excitement is massive at this point and time. We just pray to God that we do not have violence. This is a very important election for everyone in Zim. We have faith in God that everything will be fine. We want the situation to change so that our children can have jobs,” says one of the Zimbabweans.

A Zimbabwean university graduate, Justine Moyo, who works as a bus assistant in Johannesburg, says taking time off work, to go home and vote is a small sacrifice.

“We’ve been struggling for 37-years. It’s not easy because I have a degree.  I was a teacher that but here I come and operate this bus, it is not good. Home is best.”

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