High hopes for a brighter future in Zimbabwe after polls

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Zimbabweans will be hoping whoever wins the Monday general elections will attend to the worsening economic situation in the country.

The incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa is hoping to win elections, since he took over after the ousting of the long-time President Robert Mugabe.

But the MDC Alliance is saying it has enough voter confidence to emerge as the next government.

As many try to make ends meet, others hope this would be a turning point for the country.

The official unemployment is said to be around 80%. The parties gunning for support say they have a plan to address this.

When former President Robert Mugabe was removed from power in November last year, there was hope that the country was on a path to renewal.

Eight months later, all eyes are on Zimbabwe to see if that dream will either be fulfilled or dashed.

Many Zimbabwean citizens living in other countries, including South Africa, are already making their way home for the historical elections next Monday.

These Zimbabweans travelling from South Africa have high hopes for a brighter future after the first elections without former President Robert Mugabe since 1980.

“This vote will bring about big-big change in Zimbabwe. I feel there’re so many Zimbabweans that have flocked to South Africa – looking for that change.”

“There is a young man coming on board; and young people relate to the man. And also on ZANU-PF there has been shift I think with the business aspect of life – not just the politics of hurt and the politics of past.”