Zimbabweans head to the polls on Wednesday

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Scores of Zimbabweans are expected to head to the polls on Wednesday.

It’s calm in the southern African nation.

Over six million people are eligible to vote.

Eleven presidential candidates will take part.

The moment of truth has arrived as Zimbabweans will head to the much-anticipated general election.

Political parties have spoken and its now up to the voters to decide:

The election fever has gripped the southern African nation and some electorate are keen to exercise their democratic right.

“For those citizens who are outside we encourage you please support us, let’s do this together. Let’s exercise our rights…”

There are calls for peace to prevail — especially from the religious community — that has always been a prominent player in Zimbabwe.

Bishop Aaron Tom says, “We are just praying that all political parties with the pledge that they make for peace, we hope that they speak what they promise. We have peace the whole nation.”

The Zimbabwean Electoral Commission says it’s put measures in place to ensure that the polls are run smoothly.

Meanwhile, the US government says it is concerned about political violence ahead of the Zimbabwean elections. That’s according to the US State Department.

Spokesperson for the State Department, Matthew Miller says, “We call on the government of Zimbabwe and all political leaders to ensure the elections are free of violence and coercion.”  – Additional reporting by Reuters