Zimbabweans celebrate Heroes day on Monday

Zimbabweans celebrating in the past
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Thousands of Zimbabweans are expected to gather at the country’s national shrine the Heroes Acre in Harare as they celebrate men and women who fought for the liberation of Zimbabwe.

Every year, families of those who sacrificed their lives celebrate their heroic deeds. But the all-important day for this country is happening at a time following Zimbabwe’s historical 2018 elections.

The mood in the country is tense after the opposition the MDC Alliance lodged papers at the constitutional court challenging the outcome of the poll.

Putting a halt on the inauguration which was expected to be held on the 12th of August.

In the midst of the political problems, determined family members say they want a better Zimbabwe and will continue to remember their heroes.

Widow of Edgar Takere one of the founding members of ZANU PF, Pamela Takere says: ” We feel respected by goverment. It is the day where we are going to see the graves of our late husbands, brothers, sisters etc.We feel grateful for this day. We always remember our relatives on this day.”

It is not clear whether former President Robert Mugabe will attend the commemoration. Sunday Times Bureau Chief in Zimbabwe, Ray Ndlovu says a surprise attendance by Mugabe is unlikely.

He says: “The events of the election eve were very straight forward in terms of his supportand how he has turned his back on ZANU-PF and the current administration. I do not forsee where he would then attend the celebrations and be part and parcel of grouping. I think it is very clear in therms of where he stands and what he thinks.”

On Tuesday, the country will celebrate Defence Forces’ Day.

On Wednesday, the Electoral Commission is expected to respond to the MDC Alliance’s court challenge.