Zimbabwean analyst discusses its 2019 economic outlook

Two men grocery shopping
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Zimbabwean political analyst, Eddie Cross, says ill-advised economic policies continue to worsen the burden on ordinary Zimbabweans, most of whom are living far below the poverty line.

Shortages of bread, cooking oil and fuel have worsened in recent months.

Banknotes become even scarcer and shop shelves have often been left bare.

Last week President Emmerson Mnangagwa blamed gluttonous businesses for price rises that resulted in untold suffering to the majority of the people in the country. Cross adds that the country’s 2019 budget will pile more pressure on the already tax burdened citizens.

“Things are very difficult. This is going to be a tough Christmas for the majority of Zimbabweans. Prices have risen very sharply in the last three or four months. Spending powers declined and salaries have not been adjusted and that situation continues and on top of that you have the shortages particularly fuel. There’s no doubt that the government is divided. We seem to have its lack of decision making.”