Zimbabwe is recalling some SA Tiger Brands products: Authorities

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The Zimbabwean authorities have confirmed that they will recall some products from South African company Tiger Brands. This after the company confirmed that they would take off the shelves Purity Essential Baby Powder. The products contain unacceptable levels of asbestos which cause cancer.

Zimbabwe’s Secretary for Health and Child Care, Dr Jasper Chimedza, says the traces were recently in test samples prompting the recall of the products like the Purity Essentials Baby Powder and the Elizabeth Anne’s Essentials Baby Powder.

The Zimbabwean authorities say these products should be removed from the shelves and say they are harmful and could cause cancer called Mesothelioma.

Meanwhile, Tiger Brands in South Africa recalled the products last month.

One year ago, Tiger Brands announced that it was withdrawing 20 million of its canned vegetable products because of a leak in a small number of its cans.

It said the financial impact of the recall, including the cost of the potentially affected stock that may be written off, transport and storage costs, as well as the loss of margin on the returned stock, is estimated at between R500 million and R650 million.

Tiger Brands said a leak in a can presented a risk of secondary microbial contamination after the canned products are dispatched into the marketplace.

Discussing Tiger Brands’ recall of 20 million canned vegetable products with Dr. Lucia Anelich

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