As the Zimbabwean Government prepares for the swearing in and inauguration of its new President, Emmerson Mnangagwa’s convoy can be seen parked outside the Presidential office in Harare.

Mnangagwa arrived in Zimbabwe on Wednesday from South Africa after being in hiding for two weeks.

He arrived home to a hero’s welcome.

It is understood that incoming President Mnangagwa is currently holding meetings at the Presidential office.

It’s not clear who is attending the meeting, but security remains high as a military tank has also been designated to the area.

Earlier the Chamber of Business in Musina, Joe Lukhele said he hoped Zimbabwe’s new leader, would bring economic change in the country.

Musina Chamber of Business Chairperson Joe Lukhele says he hopes Zimbabwe’s new leader Mnangagwa will bring economic change in the country.

Lukhele added that the strict trade laws that bar the importation of certain goods into Zimbabwe must be relaxed so that Zimbabweans can import basic goods from neighboring countries.

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