Zimbabwean police have issued a stern warning to act against anyone committing crimes while wearing military or police uniforms.

There’s been looting since the protests turned violent last week.

The defence force and police are working together to try and quell the unrest, with rumours that another stay away is imminent.

We spoke to Zimbabwean nationals living in South Africa about the situation back home.

A married couple from Zimbabwe has called South Africa their home for over a decade. For obvious reasons their identity has been concealed.

The couple has roots in Zimbabwe and their children are still back home. They last had contact with their loved ones earlier this week.

A Zimbabwean national says:”The last time I spoke to my family was Monday night and Tuesday morning. On Monday night there were rumours of a stay away.”

For many families in living in South Africa, it’s been an agonising few days.

Another Zimbabwean national says: “We can’t communicate with the people back home, we don’t know what they are eating, shops were vandalised. It’s a hectic situation for people this side.”

Innocent Nhlema has lived in South Africa for eight years. Nhlema is an economic migrant, sending money home monthly.

“They are fighting that side about economy everything is increasing. I am not feeling ok because I am outside the country and I am struggling to send money home.”

A second wave of unrest looms in Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile, the African National Congress (ANC) has been in on-going talks with the Zimbabwe government.

NEC Member Lindiwe Zulu says: “Since last year in December they met to look at the situation in Zimbabwe. The situation is Zimbabwe impacts South Africa. We are trying to speed up the discussions.”

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