Zimbabwe introduces Cyber Security Ministry

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Zimbabwe has a new ministry, it is that of Cyber Security. This was made known during a recent cabinet reshuffle. The reshuffle also has deep political implications.

Cyber crime is evolving at all levels and threatens any nation’s security. Countries such as the United States and France were hit by cyber crime during elections. Some say they were aimed at influencing the outcome of the elections. With Monday’s announcement of a cabinet reshuffle, Zimbabwe has also introduced its own Cyber Security Ministry.

There are fears that the Cyber Security Ministry might have been instituted to clamp down on social media. However, Harare believes cyber crime extends to currency manipulations which could affect its economy.

Zimbabwe will go to the polls in 2018 and the appointment of the new minister in the justice legal and parliamentary department is an indication that the stakes are high.

Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa has seen his powers reduced since he lost the Justice Ministry.

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Tuesday 10 October 2017 16:31

Nthakoana Ngatane