Zim war veterans to brief media shortly

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Zimbabwe’s war veterans are to give a briefing shortly on their next step after President Robert Mugabe failed to resign in a speech earlier.

The war veterans earlier gave Mugabe a deadline of 12 noon on Monday to step down, the same deadline that the governing Zanu-PF party in Parliament have given Mugabe before they start impeachment proceedings.

Mugabe shocked the world on Sunday by not resigning and it’s been speculated that he delivered the wrong speech.

But a Zimbabwean arriving at the Beit Bridge border post, John Flanagan, believes it’s always been the plan of the military that Mugabe should not resign but be impeached by Parliament.

He says if Mugabe were to voluntarily step down, they will say it was a coup and SADC and other countries are against military coups.

He says: “However if he doesn’t resign and goes to Parliament and is impeached, it is within the constitution so it leaves the military free. So I suspect it was engineered that he does not intentionally resign rather it happens within Parliament.”