Zim opposition has failed to remove ZANU-PF: Analyst

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Zimbabwean Academic, Prof. Ibbo Mandaza, says the southern African country faces a peculiar situation in which ZANU-PF wants to eradicate opposition in the country.

He was a moderator in a virtual discussion on Zimbabwe.

Mandaza says the opposition has failed to dislodge ZANU-PF, which in turn has taken advantage of a weak opposition.

He says, “The opposition movement since 1999 in particular the emergence of the MDC (Movement for Democratic Change), the conventional model of confronting ZANU PF has failed and especially given the 2000 situation.”

“The opposition received massive support from white Zimbabweans. Many of whom have lost their farms in the fast track land reform of 200 and that in many ways played to the hands of the ruling party,” Mandaza adds.