Zim nationals hope elections will bring about positive change

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Zimbabweans living in South Africa are hopeful that the coming elections in their country will bring about positive change.

An estimated three million documented Zimbabweans live in South Africa, while many others are displaced all over the diaspora. Most of them fled from political persecution.

While many Zimbabweans gear up for the coming national elections in their country, in South African the hope for change is shared by many.

40 year old Mannix Tenne says he has been living in South Africa for five years, trying to make ends meet.  Tenne plans to leave for Zimbabwe on Sunday.

The father of three believes he now has the chance to advocate for change through voting.

Many like Mannix fled their homes during political tension in Zimbabwe. They say change is only possible if the elections are free and fair.

“Change is only possible if the elections are free and fair,” said one Zimbabwean in the country.

“It’s hard to live in a foreign country,” said another one.

Meanwhile, Home Affairs is beefing up manpower to deal with the many Zimbabweans who will be crossing the Beitbridge border to cast their ballots.

37 officials have been deployed to Beitbridge from 26 July to 03 August 2018 to beef up existing human resource capacity.

“The announcement of additional staff deployments comes within the context of the determination and commitment of the Department to ensure delivery of efficient and professional immigration services as part of our responsibility to facilitate the smooth movement of people, goods and services during this period,” the statement reads.

The Zimbabwean embassy is also closed ahead of the elections.  The staff have traveled back to their country to vote.

The millions of Zimbabwean nationals who live and work in South Africa say they’re excited about their country’s first presidential elections.

Although there are those who won’t make it home for the elections, many are expected to head back in order to make their mark.