Zimbabwean authorities have declared a national disaster and appealed to international donors for $100 million to help flood-stricken areas. Almost all of the country’s 10 provinces have been affected. The southern parts of the country have borne the brunt.

Severe flooding and lightning strikes have killed more than 200 people and left close to 2 000 homeless since October.

“The cumulative statistics on damages from October 2016 to date are as follows two thousand five hundred and seventy nine households have been damaged, 1579 people have been marooned, 246 human lives have been lost and 128 people injured,” said minister of local government Saviour Kasukuwere.

The rainy season is expected to continue until the end of March. More than 800 people have been displaced and are now housed at Sipepa Transit Camp.

There are fears that numbers could swell as the rains continue. Several bridges have been washed away leaving communities cut off from social amenities.

Flooded schools were forced to close and livestock has drowned.

Meanwhile, the Meteorological department forecasts continued rains in most parts of the country at a time emergency response stocks are at their lowest.

– By TV Desk