Zille echoes Steenhuisen’s sentiments regarding the EFF

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Democratic Alliance (DA) Federal Council chairperson Helen Zille has echoed re-elected Federal leader John Steenhuisen’s sentiment that the Economic Freedom Fighters is incapable of leading a democratic state.

“We stand for anything that will make the country succeed and make South Africa peaceful and prosperous democracy. The EFF stands exactly for the opposite … in every place in the world, where all their [EFF] systems have been tried and tested, it has been a disaster. Nobody believes that Julius Malema and his comrades have the ability to make a success [in leading the country],” says Zille.

She has also been re-elected for a second term, as the chairperson of the party’s federal council.

Earlier, Steenhuisen declared Julius Malema and his part as their number one enemy.

“Today, I publicly declare Julius Malema’s EFF to be political enemy number one of the Democratic Alliance. And I commit the DA to fight back against the EFF at every turn, with the ultimate aim of defeating the Doomsday Coalition that could seal South Africa’s fate next year,” he said

Steenhuisen says the official opposition will work with likeminded political parties and civil society to unseat the ANC in the upcoming national elections.

Just a week ago, the EFF, ANC and other parties successfully removed the DA Mayor in Ekurhuleni, Tania Campbell.

“That risk is the increasingly realistic prospect of an alliance between the ANC and the EFF taking power next year. Given the fact that the ANC now officially co-governs with the EFF in parts of Gauteng, we need to start taking the threat of these parties ganging up to destroy our country in 2024 very, very seriously,” adds Steenhuisen.

Steenhuisen defeated former Johannesburg Mayor, Dr Mpho Phalatse for the position of federal leader.

His election also means that he will lead the party to the general elections in 2024.

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