Western Cape Premier Helen Zille says there will not be enough water in Cape Town even with the added augmentation schemes of desalination and aquifers.

She says over 50% of the residents of Cape Town are failing to keep to the water restrictions.

Zille says Day Zero is unavoidable and urged consumers to save water.

On Tuesday, Zille met with national and provincial disaster teams to co-ordinate a disaster plan in case of Day Zero, when the taps run dry.

“At most form the desalination you will get 16 megalitres of water per day, the extraction from the aquifers will be about 120 megalitres, so together with the desalination and the aquifers we are talking about 150 megalitres which is 150 million litres a day, at the moment the city is using 600 million litres a day, that is why we must augment and cut usage, otherwise Day Zero is unavoidable.”

Zille says disaster teams including the SANDF and the police have been holding weekly meetings since the beginning of last year as the drought tightened its hold on the province.

Level 6B restrictions will kick in next week in Cape Town. Each person will be limited to 50 litres of water a day.