Zibi accuses political parties of using land question to garner votes

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Rise Mzansi Leader Songezo Zibi has accused political parties of using the country’s land question to garner votes.

Zibi was speaking at the launch of party’s manifesto at the Hatfield arena in Pretoria on Saturday.

He says people who do not have land should be treated equally regardless of their race.

Zibi says, “We cannot undo colonialism and apartheid because it has already happened, but what we can do is change the future and all of us involved in politics, whether black or white, can make a common commitment to end landlessness, to have spatial justice, to use all available legal and constitutional instruments to ensure justice is delivered. This includes lawful expropriation, the same way we do when we want to build a dam, a road or a mine.”


Rise Mzansi says it plans to place an additional one-million young people in training in the next five years.

Other interventions include transforming Eskom and Transnet whose problems are currently hampering the country’s economic growth.

Zibi says the party plans to support small businesses.

He says they will invest significant resources in fighting crime as businesses cannot run when people are getting robbed every day and foreign investors stay away.

Zibi says, “We will use the same technique used during COVID-19 to release R 100 billion over five years to provide patient, low cost capital to innovative black and woman owned businesses. These entrepreneurs will get help with specialised training and mentoring, in partnership with successful businesses so they do not fail.”

“We cannot transform this economy if we do not build new businesses. A Rise Mzansi government will work with the farming, agri, mining, tourism and manufacturing industries to remove obstacles to investment and support small businesses and entrepreneurs in those sectors.”

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