Zanu-PF to meet over impeaching Mugabe

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Zanu-PF’s Chief Whip, Lovemore Matuke, says lawmakers of Zimbabwe’s governing party will meet at their headquarters in Harare on Monday to discuss impeaching 93-year-old leader President Robert Mugabe after a noon deadline passed without him resigning.

The ruling party removed Mugabe as Zanu-PF President and first secretary on Sunday after the military seized power last Wednesday.

Zimbabwe’s war veterans say they will initiate court action to remove Mugabe if he doesn’t step down.

Israel Mkhize, a political economist from Bukindaba Consulting, believes Mugabe is trying to push for the December conference where he could possibly ceremonially hand over power.

In Mugabe’s speech Sunday he asked the country to allow him to attend the conference and sit over the process to allow him to endorse and be part of the legitimacy for the incoming leadership.

Mkhize says there are two options available to Mugabe either to appeal to them to uphold the legacy of the party or the second option is to defy orders.