ZANU-PF distances itself from Zimbabwean opposition activist Moreblessing Ali’s murder

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ZANU-PF has distanced itself from reports that it’s orchestrated the killing of the Citizens for Coalition Change activist, Moreblessing Ali.

Ali’s mutilated body has been found after she went missing last month.

The opposition has called for an independent investigation following this horrific incident.

The gruesome killing of Ali comes as political temperature is rising ahead of next year’s elections.

ZANU-PF has vehemently denied that they killed Ali. The ruling party says police must be given an opportunity to carry out investigations.

ZANU-PF member Pius Jambo has been identified as a chief suspect by the opposition.

It’s believed he forced the late activist into a vehicle last month and she never returned home.

In the video below, ZANU-PF reacts to the murder: