Zambian opposition candidate Hichilema extends early election lead

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Zambian opposition candidate Hakainde Hichilema extended his early lead over incumbent President Edgar Lungu, the southern African nation’s elections commission said on Saturday.

With just under 20% of 156 constituencies counted, Hichilema led with 449,699 ballots cast in Thursday’s election, against 266,202 for Lungu, the commission said during a press conference.

Earlier,  Hichilema took an early lead in the country presidential election over incumbent Edgar Lungu, according to the first results from the electoral commission early on Saturday.

Hichilema tallied 171,604 votes versus the 110,178 garnered by Lungu in the results for 15 of the southern African nation’s156 constituencies.

A total of 296,210 votes were cast in those constituencies, an electoral officer told a media briefing..