Zambia declares 21 days of mourning for Kaunda

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Zambian President, Edgar Lungu, has declared 21 days of national mourning for his country following the death of former President, Kenneth Kaunda. The elderly statesman succumbed to pneumonia while in a hospital in Lusaka.

Kaunda led Zambia into independence from Britain – ruling the country from 1964 until 1991. He was also instrumental in assisting other Southern African countries gain independence from minority rule.

Secretary of Cabinet, Simon Miti, says all funeral and memorial events will be communicated at a later stage.

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First Deputy Secretary of the SACP, Solly Mapaila, has described the late Kaunda as exemplary to leaders as well as ordinary people. Mapaila says Kaunda was a fount of wisdom for many leaders on the continent.

“He played an extremely critical role and remained a counsellor to many leaders on the continent. He remained a pillar of an example about how he left office, such a hero of our movement. When he was removed through democratic elections in Zambia, he acceded to the demands of the people and continued to provide counsel and the people continued to see him as a father figure of Zambian liberation and a symbol of Zambian liberation. He represented a special generation of our liberation leaders on the African continent,” adds Mapaila.

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ANC Veteran, Mavuso Msimang, has described the late former Zambian President as a man of principle. He was also instrumental in assisting other Southern African countries gain independence from minority rule including the ANC, which had its headquarters in Lusaka.

“He was principled in the sense that sometimes he took decisions that were unpopular to others such as talking to John Foster who was Prime Minister of this place. Talking to Ian Smith, hated leader of Rhodesia, he even invited him to Zambia. Kaunda would do that but he would only do that on the basis of principle. You knew that at the end of the day any agreement would be based on all parties agreeing that it would be on the basis of majority rule,” explains Msimang.

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