You’ve donated PIC to a capitalist faction: Malema tells Ramaphosa

Julius Malema
Reading Time: 2 minutes

President Cyril Ramaphosa has donated the Public Investment Corporation (PIC) to a capitalist faction led by Trevor Manuel and his wife, Maria Ramos. This is what Julius Malema told Ramaphosa in the National Assembly when he participated in the debate on the Presidency’s Budget Vote on Wednesday.

Malema was critical of the appointment of Ramos to the Interim PIC Board instead of the Deputy Minister of Finance David Masondo.

Ramos was appointed by Finance Minister Tito Mboweni. It is the first time that the Deputy Finance Minister will not be the chairperson of the PIC.

Malema says Ramos was involved with fixing the country’s currency.

“With the current board appointed by your Minister of Finance, my homeboy with due respect, you have effectively donated the PIC to the capitalists faction led by Trevor Manuel and his wife Maria Ramos, who was involved in fixing of the South African currency. She has confessed to that. Maria Ramos and Trevor Manuel are the most trusted forces of the white capitalist establishment. And they unashamedly do everything in their power to please the Ruperts (Johann Rupert) and the Rothchilds (Benjamin de Rothschild). Why is the Deputy Minister of Finance not appointed to be the chairperson of the PIC Board, despite the fact that he holds a PhD, making him more qualified than all those capitalist stooges you appointed in the PIC board?”