Youth feel June 16 is losing its symbolism

June 16
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As the country is set to observe Youth Day on Sunday, some young people in Polokwane – where President Cyril Ramaphosa will deliver the keynote address at official celebrations – say they are concerned that the day may be losing its symbolism.

The country is also celebrating 25 years of democracy and freedom in 2019.

Scores of young people are expected to converge at the Polokwane Cricket Club for President Ramaphosa’s address.

Young people say the day no longer represents what it was originally intended to do.

“I think there is a need to celebrate Youth Day, but I think what our government needs to do is  to give us more reason to celebrate this day. They need to open more opportunities for the youth. We are starting to lose the whole thing around the Youth Month. We were supposed to be celebrating the struggles that our youth suffered while trying to fight for our freedom back in the days. But all we do is to just sit and drink and have fun,” says one concerned youth.

Meanwhile, the Economic Freedom Fighters ( EFF) will hold its Youth Day celebrations at the University of Fort Hare in Alice in the Eastern Cape.

Party leader, Julius Malema will deliver the keynote address.

Provincial Chairperson Yazini Tetyana says Malema’s speech will focus on issues affecting the youth.

“He is going to touch more on the challenges our people are facing particularly young people; challenges of unemployment; challenges in education and the system. He is expected to address our people at 10 o’clock in Alice campus.”