Young people optimistic about Ramaphosa’s cabinet announcement

Cyril Ramaphosa
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With President Cyril Ramaphosa expected to announce his new National Executive of Ministers and deputies on Wednesday evening, some young people, mostly students, at both Tshwane University of Technology and University of Pretoria are optimistic that his team will look into the needs of poor students. Some are also urging the president to consider putting more young vibrant ministers in his team.

One student says: “We want ministers who can be able to help us with our needs as students, as you know most students are suffering getting bursaries maybe they can make that available to a lot of students. Another student says “Once again unemployment is a big issue. We right now we been moving around Pretoria looking for in-service training as tourism management students and we struggle.

Yet another student says: “Before we get to like the kind of Ministers, I heard the other time there’s this program where there’s like, we put youth that are in politics into the cabinet. I think it would be nice if they put in like more youth into the cabinet.”

The first priority for president Ramaphosa will be to turn the country’s economy around, he will need competent members of cabinet who are equal to the task. Cabinet is expected to be reduced from 35 to 25 departments.

In ensuring that the economic cluster is efficient one analyst says various departments that focus on the economy should be merged. I see areas that relate to communications being merged you know, postal services, communications, I see a possibility of merging them and have one ministry.