Young people more vulnerable during second wave of COVID-19: Professor Madhi

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A new variant of COVID-19 has been identified

Wits University Vaccinology Professor, Shabir Madhi, says young people are particularly vulnerable during this second wave of coronavirus infections.

The Western Cape, Eastern Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng had been identified as the provinces driving the second wave of the pandemic.

It is mainly affecting those aged between 15 and 19.

Professor Madhi says the main reason for the infections is due to activities in poorly ventilated spaces.

“The main reason for the infections in that youth is largely because of engaging in activities in pubs, clubs, shebeens, rage parties, allowing for the opening of places of worship, indoor dining and any activity that takes place in a poorly ventilated space.”

Professor Madhi on the second wave of COVID-19: 

Second wave could be worse than the first

Meanwhile, Epidemiologist, Professor Salim Abdool Karim, has warned that the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic could be worse than the first.

Coronavirus infections are rising rapidly in South Africa.

The country has recorded 8 319 cases in the past 24-hour cycle, bringing the cumulative number to 845 083.

205 people have succumbed to COVID-19 related complications – taking the national death toll to 22 952.

Speaking at a postgraduate research symposium at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Professor Karim said the virus was expected to continue to spread as people got into a festive mood.

“We are now in a situation where we have rapidly growing cases in all four of the big provinces. We are now in the midst of the second wave and with the travel that we are expecting on the 16th of December when the factories close. All of these provinces that are on the lower end, they will all start showing increases. The worrying part is that our second wave looks like in the Eastern Cape … it’s going to be worse than the first wave,” adds Abdool Karim.

In the video below, Africa CDC also warns of the likelihood of the COVID-19 second wave peak being worse:


Below is a report on SA entering into a second wave of COVID-19:

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