Young emerging farmer encourages other struggling youth to venture into agriculture

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A young female emerging farmer and entrepreneur from Senwabarana in Limpopo has encouraged struggling youth to venture into agriculture. 29-year-old Matome Mokgobu started her farming enterprise after failing to secure a job following the completion of tertiary studies in horticulture.

She says the funding she has received through government programmes has assisted her to create a few jobs in her village of Ga-Marke village.

Mokgobu however says there are challenges.

“Growing up I had love and passion for farming so my dad and my mom did a borehole back in the day but they did pursue farming up to this far so growing up encouraged me to start this farming. It was a big problem for me but very difficult to hire more people to plant potatoes, one-hectare potatoes manually because we don’t have a tractor so it took us four days. It is also a problem for me but it is even worse for other young farmers who don’t have a tractor,” says Mokgobu.

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