Young Communist League says SA is sitting on a ticking time bomb

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The Young Communist League of South Africa(YCL) in North West says South Africa is sitting on a ticking-time-bomb of growing youth unemployment which may lead to the collapse of the country. The league was delivering its message of support during the South African Communist Parties provincial council ahead of the party’s 15th National Congress which is expected to take place later in the month.

“Out of the 34.5% that is the national unemployment rate, the most affected people are young people. It’s a point of concern for us. So it means if it’s young people who are highly concentrated on the unemployment radar, we are sitting with a time-ticking bomb. Sooner or later it may happen that our country will burn”, says YCL’s Tsietsi Letsebe

The electoral contestation of the party also rose prominently.

“The communist party out of the interest of its own class, must contest elections electorally so that in parliament -when in other views we don’t agree with neo-liberal which are dominating- we are then able to define ourselves outside the ANC caucus and say ‘on this position we don’t agree with the ANC’. We will support the workers and the entire working class for the interest of the working class”, adds Lestebe.

The party’s national leadership minced no words in defining its position on consequences to come following the work of the Zondo Commission

“Nobody must doubt where we stand as the communist party. That any corruption, any form of corruption and ill-discipline both in and outside of the state is unacceptable. Organizationally, internally there are systems that we have developed over time.”

“They must be implemented without hesitation and fairly across the board so that people themselves when they see what we are doing with wrongdoers are convinced that we mean what we are talking about not just theoretical. That those who are accused with criminality must be handed over to the police”, says Lechesa Tsenoli of the South African Communist Party.

The party has also weighed in on the current electricity crisis in the country, saying it is caused by the lack of leadership within the power utility.

SACP North West Provincial Conference: