The !Xun and the Khwe Communities in Platfontein, near Kimberley, say they will never forget how Nelson Mandela changed their lives for the better.

In May 1999, Mandela handed 13 000 hectares of farmland to the community, which allowed them to move away from the Schmidtsdrift army base where they lived in army tents.

However, the community says it is not getting assistance from the current government. !Xun leader, Antonio Sabao says the community’s hearts were at peace after what Mandela did for them.

“We got a school which Mandela gave us. We lived there a while and our hearts were at peace. Then we thought this President will take care of us but from there, Mandela passed away and now today, we don’t live happily. We received the best. We had a farm, we had livestock and everything went well. But today, we are struggling,” says Sabao.